We currently have spaces open for the Beer of the Month Club and Wine of the Month Club, call or stop in today to reserve your spot **Edited 11.7.18**

Are you an adventurous beer drinker or are you looking to get a one of a kind gift from someone who is? Crafted is now offering monthly clubs! Whether you're a seasoned drinker, just getting started on your beer or wine journey, or looking to get something special for a beer or wine enthusiast in your life, what could be better than placing your faith in the loving hands (or is it vile clutches?) of a professional beer and wine nerd to make some monthly selections for you!


In the beer of the month club, what you'll get each month will be very roughly equivalent to a hand picked mixed six pack and a large format bottle (sometimes you might get five 12oz bottles and a couple 500ml bottles, other months seven 12oz and a 750ml bottle, you get the idea). You'll also get some combination of tasting notes, a little pairing advice, or a fun brewery or style fact here and there. Our promise is that you'll always get top quality beer, good value, and every once in a while a BotMC exclusive! We'd like to stress that this club is for the adventurous beer drinker. For instance, if you're only into IPAs, this isn't going to be your bag. There will be IPAs in there, but we'll be exploring the wide world of beer, both imported and domestic, with a nod to seasonality (we won't load you up with stouts and porters in August). The two packages we offer are as follows:

3 month subscription: $38 per month

6 month subscription: $36 per month (same beer as the three month, just cutting you a break for committing to six)

WOTM Graphic.jpg

We also have a wine of the month club available, each month we thoughtfully select two bottles of wine for you of two different colors, we’ll provide tasting notes, winery/appellation information and some pairing advice here and there. You can look forward to exploring wines from around the world, sometimes from off-beat appellations and interesting indigenous varietals, some times more widely recognized, but always good bang for the buck.

Subscriptions available in 3 month increments for $32 per month.

 You can sign up by stopping in or giving a call (508-429-1931). You'll get a subscription number and a punch card to be used each time you pick up.


The fine print:

The month’s selections will be available for pickup beginning the first Friday of the month. A reminder email will be sent out to subscribers around the same time.

Your beer will be available for pickup for the duration of the month, after which time you beer will become forfeit. The reason for this is because of space constraints and also because of freshness concerns. Beer is a perishable product, with delicate beer styles sometimes recouping our loss is not as simple as placing the beer back on the shelf. We appreciate your understanding in this regard. Wine can be held for a longer time if need be, but please let us know if you need to have us hold them for an extended period.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply turn in your card and you’ll be given store credit in an amount equal to the unused portion of the subscription including a current month’s pickup if the refund request is made within a reasonable amount of time.