New, Week of 10.27.2018


Banded/Orono - Hangry Porter (Peanut Butter, Nougat)

Beer’d - 8 Days A Week (Dry-Hopped Pale)

Beer’d - You Like a’ da Juice NEIPA

Exhibit A - Fourteen

Fiddlehead - Rarefied Air (Hoppy Pale Ale)

Finback Relaxation Cassette (Lemon Cream Sour)

Finback - Trees and Leaves IPA

Firestone Walker - Mocha Merlin

Firestone Walker - Nitro Merlin

Foley Bros. - Citrennial

Foundation - Gemutlichkeit Helles

Foundation - Prototype 7 IPA

Founders - Curmudgeon’s Better Half (Old Ale w/ Molasses in Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels

Hubbard’s Cave - French Toast (Imp Stout w/ French Toasty Things)

Hubbard’s Cave - One Hop Citra DIPA

Liquid Riot - What’s in the Box? DIPA

Medusa/Lamplighter - Globalist Agenda DIPA

Mystic - Voltage

Night Shift/Breakside - Broken Clock DIPA

Night Shift - Traffic Cone (NEIPA w/ Orange Peel)

Proclamation - Derivative: Galaxy

Singlecut - All That Is Now

Singlecut - Cold Fire

Trve - Red Chaos (Wild Sour, Montmorency Cherries in Bbls)



New, Week of 10.19.2018


Chateau Lanessan Haut Medoc 2015

Domaine Poulleau Pere & Fils 2015 - Cote de Beaune “Les Mondes Rondes”


Groennfell - Valkyrie’s Choice


Aeronaut - Double Hop Hop

Banded - Charms and Hexes (Strawberry Nectarine Sour)

Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Captain Lawrence - Tears of Green NEIPA

Cold Harbor - Feather Edge IPA

Finback/Civil Society - Cats and Dogs

Finback - Oscillation 14

Four Quarters - Space Force DIPA

Jack’s Abby - Kiwi Rising

Kees - Imperial Stout 1850

Night Shift - Feral: Citra

Night Shift - Feral: Mosaic

SoMe - Apostrophe IPA

SoMe - Tailwhip NEIPA

Springdale - Not Stirred: Dark & Stormy (Dark Wild Ale w/ Ginger)

Stillwater - Gose Gone Hopped

Stillwater - Retail NEIPA

Toppling Goliath - Imperial Golden Nugget DIPA

Toppling Goliath - Thresher Wheat IPA

Wormtown - Be Hoppiest



New, Week of 10.12.2018


Allagash - Ganache (Brett Raspberry Wild Ale)

Almanac - Apricot de Brettaville (Brett Wild Ale on Oak, Apricots)

Almanac - Farmer’s Reserve: Pluot (Oak Aged Pluot Wild Ale)

Barreled Souls - Blue Steel (Blueberry/Raspberry Gose)

Beer’d - Dogs and Boats

Beer’d - One Thing Led to Another

Beer’d - Next Episode 13

Common Roots - Good Fortune IPA

Common Roots - Patchwork Pale Ale

Finback - Living Breathing IPA

Finback - You IPA

Four Quarters - Peach Shakedown (Peach IPA)

Four Quarters - Pumpkin Spice Latte Stout

Lamplighter - Alyosha (Abey Pale)

Lamplighter - Get Lucky Session IPA

Lamplighter - Oktoberfest

Lamplighter - Side Salad (IPA w/ Lemon Verbena)

Liquid Riot - A Beer Has No Name DIPA

Liquid Riot - Head Stash IPA

Maine Beer/Half Acre - Son of Sapping Mammoth IPA

Mystic - DDH Voltage

Singlecut - Push Push Struggle DDH DIPA

Transient - Cromulent Pale Ale

Transient - Crunchy Groove (Oat Pale)

Transient - Hazy Like a Fox IPA

Transient - Intricate Simplicity (Wild Ale in Oak)

Transient - Obligatory IPA

Winter Hill - Darlin’s IPA

Winter Hill - Hesher (IPA, Crisp Wheat Body)



New, Week of 10.05.2018


Aeronaut - 4 Years with Dr. Nandu

Barreled Souls/Horus - Great Knot DIPA

Barreled Souls - Space Gose

Barreled Souls - Summer Jam (Strawberry Rhubarb Sour)

Cisco - Pumple Drumkin

Fair State - Brut Squad (Brut IPA)

Fair State - Keller Kazbek (Kellerbier)

Fair State - Pahlay Ahlay (Citra Pale)

Finback - Duplicate Triple IPA

Finback - Light Sensitive

Finback - You IPA

Fore River - Preble Raspberry

Foreign Object - From Stardust to Thoughtform

Founders - Mosaic Promise

Liquid Riot/de Struise - Sour Trouble

Liquid Riot - Ka$h Money IPA

Liquid Riot - Tropical Storm (Sour with Tropical Fruit)

Maine - Lunch

Maine - Woods and Waters

Night Shift - Melody Pale Ale

Night Shift - Morph 62

Ommegang - Mother of Dragons (Smoked Porter Blended with Kriek)

Oskar Blues - Death by Coconut

Plan Bee - Amour (Strawberry Wild Ale)

Proclamation - Tendril

de Struise - Dark Horse Reserva (Blended Dark Wild Ale Aged 4 Years in Bourdeaux Bbls)

Singlecut - Weird and Gilly

Singlecut - Whammy



New, Week of 09.28.2018


Clown Shoes - The Exorcism of Rick Ackerman (Coffee, Choc, Van, BA Imp Stout)

Cold Harbor - Damsel

Collective Project - IPA no 6 (IPA w/ Peaches)

Exhibit A - Demo Tape 21 (Milkshake IPA)

Finback/Collective Arts - Canada Spritz (Black Current Brut DIPA)

Finback/Exhibit A - XYZ (Chocolate Marshmallow Baltic Porter)

Finback - Something 007 IPA

Foundation - Epiphany

Idle Hands - Four Seam

Idle Hands - 34

Lambickx - Zenne Valley 2015 Lambic

Lamplighter - Major Tom IPA

Lamplighter - New Slang DIPA

Lamplighter - Rabbit Rabbit DIPA

Lamplighter - Wet Hop Cambridge Summer

Maine - Another One

Maine - Post Rise Snack

Night Shift - Mainer Weisse (Blueberry, Cinnamon Kettle Sour)

Paulaner - Oktoberfest Wiesn

Proclamation - Etherous IPA

Singlecut - Billy 18 Watt

Singlecut - Does Anyone Remember Laughter?

Singlecut - Jenny Said

Singlecut - Some Cat From Japan

Start Line - Craic

Start Line - Hop Load Citra

Start Line - Hop Load Hazy