New, Week of 09.14.2018


Cambridge - Wake Up the Sun (Brett/Lacto Saison, Wine Barrels)

Cold Habor - Damsel NEIPA

Exhibit A - Fifteen (Southern Hemisphere DIPA)

Fort Hill - Farmer’s Fresh (Dry- Hopped Pale)

Fort Hill - Jigsaw Jazz DIPA

Four Quarters - Equations of Time DIPA

Four Quarters - Phaze IPA

Four Quarters - Space Face DIPA

Greater Good - Pulp Daddy

Greater Good - Radz II

Lamplighter - Birds of a Feather

Lamplighter - Gestalt (Altbier)

Lamplighter - Looking Glass (English Bitter)

Lamplighter - Space Monster

Honest Weight/Oxbow - Swift & Changeable (Brett Saison, Stainless)

Night Shift/Mast Landing - Stop Looking at Me Swan!

Ommegang - Hopstate IPA (NEIPA)

Oxbow/Jester King - Tex-Nat (Wild Ale, Muscat Grapes, Red Wine Puncheons)

Procalamation - Derivative Galaxy

Proclamation - Tendril IPA

Southern Tier - Pumking

Southern Tier - Warlock



New, Week of 09.07.2018


Banded/Novare Res - Champagne Papi Blanc (Brut IPA w/ Pinot Gris

Banded/Navare Res - Champagne Papi Rouge (Brut IPA w/ Syrah)

Bolero Snort - Amoorillo (Lactose IPA w/ Amarillo)

Bolero Snort - One Hoof at a Time IPA

Bunker - Beast Coast IPA

Finback - Chillbot DIPA

Finback - Origin DIPA

Foreign Objects - Future Sight (Session IPA)

Foreign Objects - Precision Neurosis DIPA

Hermit Thrush - Supah Funk 8 (BA Saison)

Idle Hands - Four Seam IPA

Kent Falls - Senescence (Wild Ale w/ Chardonnay and Birch Leaves)

Maine - Mean Old Tom (Stout Aged on Vanilla Beans)

Maine - Post Ride Snack (Session IPA)

Mast Landing/Night Shift - It's Too Damn Hot For a Penguin to be Walking Around Here

Newburgh/Sloop - Juice Boss IPA

Night Shift - Prism IPA

Omnipollo - Zodiac Multiverse DIPA

SoMe -Apostrophe IPA

Trve - Dhumavati (Smoked Wild Ale)

Winter Hill - Hourglass DIPA

Winter Hill - Mosaica IPA



New, Week of 08.31.2018


Aeronaut - Double Hop Hop DIPA

Brasserie du Bocq - Blanche de Namur Wit

Bunker- Beast Coast IPA

Captain Lawrence - Orbital Tilt - Vic Secret

Captain Lawrence - Tears of Green IPA

Finback - Me IPA

Firestone Walker - Leo v. Ursus - Doublus DIPA

Lamplighter - Altitude Sickness IPA

Lamplighter - Cuppa (Bitter w/ Cold Brew)

Lamplighter - Group Theory (Wheat w/ Chamomile)

Lamplighter - Lawyers, Guns and Honey IPA

Lamplighter - Luminati (Rotating IPA w/ BRU-1)

Lamplighter - Speedwagon Kolsch

Maine Beer - Another One IPA

Medusa - Hidden City IPA

Modern Times - Orderville IPA

Proclamation - Derivative Citra

Proclamation - Derivative Vic Secret

Two Roads/Industrial Arts - Bloomerang (NEIPA w/ Hibiscus)

Winter Hill - Darlin's IPA




New, Week of


Amhearst - Jess IPA

Ayinger - Oktober Fest-Bier

Bells - Porter

Greater Good - Pulp

Greater Good - V

Hacker-Pschorr - Oktoberfest

Half Acre - Deep Space DIPA

Half Acre - Double Daisy Cutter (Imperial Pale Ale)

Honest Weight/Enlightenment - World Passport (Belgian Style Pale)

Kent Falls - Dekkera (Brett Table Beer)

Maine Beer - A Tiny Beautiful Something

Oskar Blues - Ten Fidy (Imperial Stout)

Paulaner - Oktoberfest

Prairie - Phantasmagoria DIPA

Proclamation - Etherous IPA

Singlecut - Billy 18watt

Singlecut - Billy Full Stack

Singlecut - Jenny Said

Singlecut - Use the NME

Von Trapp - Oktoberfest



New, Week of 08.17.2018


Recanati - Cabernet Sauvignon- Upper Galilee Israel (Kosher)

Recanati - Chardonnay - Upper Galilee Israel (Kosher)


Cold Harbor - Damsel IPA

Brasserie Dunham - Saison Rustique Beersel (Brett Saison)

Exhibit A - Fourteen (Dry-Hopped Pale0

Exhibit A - Hair Raiser

Four Quarters - Big Umbrellas (Imperial Sour, Coconut, Pineapple)

Four Quarters - Double Comet DIPA

Four Quarters - Flood of Sunshine (Fruited Witbier)

Four Quarters - Sundog DIPA

Idle Hands - Brocktoberfest

Idle Hand - Two Seam (Session IPA)

Lamplighter - 1968 Pale Ale

Lamplighter - Birds of a Feather IPA

Lamplighter - Looking Glass ESB

Lamplighter - Neon Nights DIPA

Lamplighter - So Much for Subtlety DIPA: Lemondrop, Idaho 7

Mystic - Wave Break (Extra Hopped Table Beer)

Prairie - Blueberry Boyfriend (Blueberry Sour)

Prairie - Twist (Dry-Hopped Farmhouse)

Prairie - Vape Tricks (Cherry Sour)

Brasserie de la Senne - I Rate Saison

Sierra Nevada/Weihenstephaner - Oktoberfest

Start Line - Craic (Red)

Start Line - Hop Load Citra

Start Line - Hop Load Hazy

Tilquin - Oude Geuze 375ml btl

Untold - Dragon Juice IPA