New, Week of 11.16.2018


Allagash - Coolship Resurgam

Allagash - Pictavia (Scotch Bbl Aged Scotch Ale

Anchor Christmas Ale (6pks and Magnums)

Barrier - Green Room (Dry-Hopped Pale)

Barrier - It’s a Sweater IPA

Beerd - Dogs and Boats

Beerd - Frank and Berry

De Ranke - Pere Noel

del Ducato - Krampus Reserva Strepponi 2010/2011 (Spiced Belgian Style Dark Aged in Wine Barrels, Vintage 2011)

Evil Twin - I Always Felt Closer To IPAs Than I Did to People

Finback - Rolling in Clouds

Finback - Two Regimes

Firestone Walker - Dark and Stormy (Blended BA Ale with Ginger/Lime)

Four Quarters - Equations of Time DIPA

Four Quarters - Flood of Sunshine (Fruited Wheat Beer)

Four Quarters - Sun Puppy Session IPA

Half Acre - Daisy Cutter Pale Ale

Half Acre - Deep Space DIPA

Half Acre - Gone Away IPA

Half Acre - Wand IPA

Liquid Riot - A Beer Has No Name

Liquid Riot - All is Illusion DIPA

Night Shift - Dynasty Imperial Stout

Night Shift - Pfafenheck Pils

Sam Smith - Winter Welcome

St Georgenbrau - Buttenheimer Kellerbier

Troegs - Mad Elf

Troegs - Wild Elf (Sour, Wine barrel aged version of Mad Elf)



New, Week of 11.09.2018


Introducing Superstition Meadery, one of the most sought after meads in the US, and winner of gold at the Mazer Cup in 2016 (for Marion)! We have limited quantities of:

Marion (Mead with Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry)

Chocolate Marion

Vanilla Marion

Peanut Butter Jelly Crime (Peanut Butter and Blueberry)


14th Star - Tribute

Barnstable - Amerihop Pale Ale

Barnstable - Kdub (American Wheat)

Beer’d - Dogs & Boats

Beer’d - Frank & Berry

Brooklyn - Black Chocolate Stout

Castle Island - Good Human Pale Ale

Definitive - Session 35 (Session IPA)

Definitive - Ale (IPA)

Finback - Replenish

Finback - Shadowless

Fort Hill - Checkmate Chuck DIPA

Fort Hill - Fresh Pick IPA

Fort Hill - Red Prince MArzen

Idle Hands - Four Seam

Idle Hands - Klara (Dortmunder Lager)

Lost Nation - Mosaic IPA

Lost Nation - Roll Away IPA

Night Shift/Hop Culture - How Many Sips IPA

Night Shift - Gravitas Triple IPA

Night Shift - OHTT: Simcoe

Prairie - Paradise (Coconut, Vanilla Imperial Stout)

Singlecut - Workers Are going Home

Singlecut - Softly Spoken Magic Spells

Singlecut - Still Making Noise

Untitled Art - Chocolate Scotch Ale



New, Week of 11.02.18


Cucao - Chardonnay Reserva Colchagua Valley

Justin Monmousseau Torraine (Sauvignon Blanc)


Birrificio Italiano - Tipopils

Collective Arts - IPA no. 7 (IPA, Nelson, Citra)

Epic - Big Bad Baptista

Epic - Quadruple Barrel Baptista

FInback - Social Fabric IPA

Finback - Something Amarillo IPA

Foley Bros. - Fair Maiden IPA

Foundation - Bedrock Porter

Interbro - DDH Full Time IPA

Interboro - DDH Premiere IPA

Kings County Brewers Collective - Wolf ov Siberia DIPA

Mayflower - Boomerang (Dry-hopped PAle)

Lamplighter - Barley Smalls (Vienna Lager)

Lamplighter - Birds of a Feather IPA

Lamplighter - Chapter One (Fruited IPA)

Lamplighter - Lawyers, Guns and Honey IPA

Lamplighter - Neon Nights DIPA

Lamplighter - Rabbit Rabbit DIPA

Maine Beer - Fall (Coffee Stout)

Mystic - The Hum (Porter)

Singlecut - DDH Workers are Going Home



New, Week of 10.27.2018


Banded/Orono - Hangry Porter (Peanut Butter, Nougat)

Beer’d - 8 Days A Week (Dry-Hopped Pale)

Beer’d - You Like a’ da Juice NEIPA

Exhibit A - Fourteen

Fiddlehead - Rarefied Air (Hoppy Pale Ale)

Finback Relaxation Cassette (Lemon Cream Sour)

Finback - Trees and Leaves IPA

Firestone Walker - Mocha Merlin

Firestone Walker - Nitro Merlin

Foley Bros. - Citrennial

Foundation - Gemutlichkeit Helles

Foundation - Prototype 7 IPA

Founders - Curmudgeon’s Better Half (Old Ale w/ Molasses in Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrels

Hubbard’s Cave - French Toast (Imp Stout w/ French Toasty Things)

Hubbard’s Cave - One Hop Citra DIPA

Liquid Riot - What’s in the Box? DIPA

Medusa/Lamplighter - Globalist Agenda DIPA

Mystic - Voltage

Night Shift/Breakside - Broken Clock DIPA

Night Shift - Traffic Cone (NEIPA w/ Orange Peel)

Proclamation - Derivative: Galaxy

Singlecut - All That Is Now

Singlecut - Cold Fire

Trve - Red Chaos (Wild Sour, Montmorency Cherries in Bbls)



New, Week of 10.19.2018


Chateau Lanessan Haut Medoc 2015

Domaine Poulleau Pere & Fils 2015 - Cote de Beaune “Les Mondes Rondes”


Groennfell - Valkyrie’s Choice


Aeronaut - Double Hop Hop

Banded - Charms and Hexes (Strawberry Nectarine Sour)

Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Captain Lawrence - Tears of Green NEIPA

Cold Harbor - Feather Edge IPA

Finback/Civil Society - Cats and Dogs

Finback - Oscillation 14

Four Quarters - Space Force DIPA

Jack’s Abby - Kiwi Rising

Kees - Imperial Stout 1850

Night Shift - Feral: Citra

Night Shift - Feral: Mosaic

SoMe - Apostrophe IPA

SoMe - Tailwhip NEIPA

Springdale - Not Stirred: Dark & Stormy (Dark Wild Ale w/ Ginger)

Stillwater - Gose Gone Hopped

Stillwater - Retail NEIPA

Toppling Goliath - Imperial Golden Nugget DIPA

Toppling Goliath - Thresher Wheat IPA

Wormtown - Be Hoppiest