New, Week of 07.20.2018


Commonwealth - Aurora DIPA

Commonwealth - Iconoclast DIPA

Finback - Definitely Seriously

Finback - Once Twice Three Times A Whale

Finback - People Power

Foundation - Cosmic Bloom

Foundation - Epiphany

Foundation - Zuurzing (Tart Farmhouse)

Four Quarters - Paddle On (Brut IPA)

Four Quarters - Space Force DIPA

Kent Falls - Ellita (They call it a baby Saison)

Lagunitas - Super Cluster DIPA

Lamplighter - Bunnies IPA

Lamplighter - Electric Bloom Pale Ale

Lamplighter - Life on Mars

Lamplighter - Metric Systems Gose

Lamplighter - Satrdust IPA

Lamplighter - Watt (English Bitter)

Lone Pine - Brightside IPA

Lone Pine - Portland Pale Ale

Lone Pine - Tessellation DIPA

Off Color - Spots (Berliner w/ Passion Fruit and Grapefruit Peel)

Stone - Idolatrous IPA

Stone - W00t Stout



New, Week of 07.13.2018


Chateau Lauzade - Cotes de Provence Rose


14th Star - Tribute

Allagash - Two Lights (Mixed Ferm Sauvignon Blanc beer)

Brekeriet - Berliner Raz (Raspberry Berliner w/ Vanilla, Brettanomyces)

Cigar City - Florida Cracker (Wit)

De la Senne/Cambridge - Narrenvat (Barrel Aged Brown Brett Ale)

Duvel - Single Fermented

Finback/Brewski - Combining Forms (IPA, Apricots, Mango

Finback - Cat Love DIPA

Fpre River - Estuary DIPA

Lost Nation - Mosaic IPA

Maine Beer - Lunch

Maine Beer - MO

Mystic - Double Voltage

Ommegang - GoT: Queen of the Seven Kingdoms (Sour Blonde)

Pipeworks - Ninja vs Unicorn

Pohjala/Stillwater - Here Comes the Night Time (Smoked Rye Sour w/ Aronia Berries)

Prairie - Birthday Bomb!

Singlecut - Hypgnosis IPA



New, Week of 07.06.2018


Common Roots - Tasteful Deception (Wild Ale)

Common Roots/Kent Falls - Strictly Social (Pale Ale)

Hermit Thrush - Po Tweet (Dry-Hopped Sour)

Horus - Osprey's Fresh Catch Season 2 IPA

Finback - Something Mosaic IPA

Fore River - John Henry Milk Stout

Four Quarters - Ghosts in the Sky DIPA

Four Quarters - Haze IPA

Idle Hands - Edgeworth American Pils

Lamplighter - Alyosha (Belgian Pale)

Lamplighter - Luminati IPA (New Rotating Series)

Lamplighter - Giants Under the Sun Helles

Lamplighter - Rabbit Rabbit DIPA

Lamplighter/Aeronaut - To the Moon IPA

Mystic - Wave Break (Extra Hopped Table Beer

Relic - Harpy's Hex IPA

Relic - Silent Shroud IPA

Singlecut - Conform or be Cast Out (DDH IPA with Szechuan and Pink Peppercorn)




New. Week of 06.29.2018


Domaine Andre Bonhomme - Vire Clesse - Cuvee Speciale 2016

Domaine Cros de la Mure - Cotes du Rhone 2015


Artifact - Taking Flight (Semi-Dry)


Bahnhof - Berliner w/ Oats (Cans)

Banded Horn - Zealot IPA

Cambridge - Bright Size Life (BA Wild Ale w/ Aged Citrus, Blueberries)

Cigar City - Maduro Brown Ale

Erdinger Weissbier World Cup Gift Pack (5btls, 1 Glass)

Finback - Kinda Sorta DIPA

Finback - Something Citra IPA

Finback - Telephone Lines Pils

Greater Good - Pulp Daddy

Greater Good - Smooooth

La Trappe - Oak Aged Quad #25 (Kircsh, Oak, and White Wine Barrels)

Lindemans - Cuvee Rene 375ml

Newburgh/Kent Falls - Beet Boss (Brett IPA w/ Beets)

Night Shift - One Hop This Time: Mosaic

Spencer Trappist - Juicy IPA

Springdale - Really Though DIPA

Threes - Bad Wallpaper IPA

Two Roads/Lawson's Finest - Typecast Farmhouse IPA

Untold - Summer Song (Amarillo Pale Ale)

Wicked Weed - Freak of Nature DIPA

Wicked Weed - Lieutenant Dank IPA

Wicked Weed - Pernicious IPA



New, Week of 06.21.2018


Allagash - Helena (Flemish Red Style Wild Ale)

Fat Orange Cat - F.O.C. Less Monster DIPA

Fat Orange Cat - Launch DIPA

Firestone Walker - Under Currants (Black Currant Wild Ale)

Foundation - Magnus (Flemish Red Style Wild Ale)

Foundation - Pomology: Cherry (Cherry Wild)

Four Quarters - Little Umbrellas (Pineapple Coconut Sour)

Four Quarters - Phaze IPA

Four Quarters - Sundog Millionaire DIPA (Pineapple, Coconut, Glitter, yes. Glitter)

Lamplighter - Ele (Saison)

Lamplighter - Gold Rush (Dry-Hopped Golden)

Lamplighter - Lawyers, Guns and Honey IPA

Lamplighter - Metric System (Gose)

Lamplighter - So Much For Subtlety DIPA

Maine Beer - A Tiny Beautiful Something

Singlecut - Charlie's Good Tonight IPA

Toppling Goliath - DDH Psuedo Sue

Toppling Goliath - Fire Skulls and Money