New, Week of 07.19.2019


Hugh Hamilton “The Floozie” rose of Sangiovese - McLaren Vale

Merf - Chardonnay - Columbia Valley


Allagash - Two Lights (Beer Fermented w/ Sauv Blanc, Lager and Champagne Yeast)

Bldg 8 - The IPA

Firestone Walker/Wild Beer Co - Violet Underground (Wild Ale w/ Raspberry, Candied Violet Petals)

Fonta Flora - Access Granted (Dry-Hopped Golden Ale w/ Brett)

Fonta Flora - Nebo Pilsner

Four Quarters - Satellites of Brain DIPA

Four Quarters - Space Face DIPA

Idle Hands - Four Seam IPA

Idle Hands - Six Seam DIPA

Maine Beer - Lunch

Maine Beer - Post Ride Snack

Medusa - DDH Citra legacy

Medusa - Summer Boy (Hoppy Golden Ale)

Medusa - Laser Cat DIPA

Mystic - Bonus Life DIPA

Mystic - Bumbleberry Frappe IPA (MIlkshake IPA w/ Berries)

Proclamation - Derivative: Mystery (Triple Dry-Hopped Pale)

Singlecut - Sammy Was Low DDH DIPA

Weihenstephaner - 1516 (Kellierbier)



New, Week of 07.12.2019


Carol Shelton - Coquille Blanc

Carol Shelton - Monga Zin


Definitive Ale

Discord - Unsatisfied (Sour IPA)

Foundation - Vivid

Gigantic - Hellboy: Jahann Krauss

Lagunitas - Little Sumpin’ Hazy

Maine Beer - Lunch

Mast Landing - Saccarappa IPA

De Ranke - Cuvee de Ranke (Sour Ale belnded w/ Lambic)

Singlecut - Rollin’ Down Highway 41

Stillwater - Suggested For You IPA

Vone Lune - Kellerbier



New, Week of 06.28.2019


GT’s - New World Noir (3% abv Blueberry and Aronia Kombucha)

GT’s - Pina Paradise (3% abv Pina Colada Kombucha)


Banded - Green Warden (Spruce Tip Pale Ale)

Barreled Souls - Prerequisite DIPA

Beerd - This Side of Paradise IPA

Bells - Poolside (cherry Wheat)

Black Project - Ejector (Wild Ale w/ CTZ and Centennial Hops)

Black Project - Montauk (Kvass)

Brewmaster Jack/Shire - 30 Miles on an Empty Tank DIPA

Carton - Light and Sweet (Coffee Cream Ale)

Captain Lawrence - Galactic Fog DIPA

Finback - Beyond (Hoppy Fruited Blonde)

Finback - Double Something Mosaic

Medusa - DDH CItra Legacy

Medusa - Duchovni (Czech Pils)

Medusa - Orange Prosperous (Orange IPA)

Night Shift - All the Peels (Citrus Wheat)

NIght Shift - One hop This Time: Idaho 7

Night Shift - Traffic Cone DIPA

Singlecut - Schindleria Praematurus DDH IPA

Troegs - Nimble Giant DIPA



New, Week of 06.21.2019


Chateau Bell-Vue “La Renaissance” Cab/Merlot - Bhamdoun-Mount Lebanon


Sap House - Raspberry Jam Sesh (4pk Dry Style Fruited Mead)


Brouwerij West - Dig My Earth DIPA

Brouwerij West - Picnic Lightning IPA

Brouwerij West - Popfuji Pils

Brouwerij West - Saison Extra

Brouwerij West - Starfish IPA

Captain Lawrence - Cookie Puss (Ice Cream Cake IPA)

Captain Lawrence - Orbital Tilt IPA

Captain Lawrence - Powder Dreams DIPA

Finback - Collective Memory DIPA

Finback - Zero Point (Coconut Gose)

Four Quarters - Brewgrass (Sour Blueberry)

Four Quarters - Herbie (Tart Watermelon Wheat)

Half Acre - Bodem IPA

Half Acre - Daisy Cutter Pale Ale

Half Acre - Galactic Double Daisy Cutter

Hoof Hearted - Did We Just Become Best Friends? DIPA

Idle Hands - Four Seam IPA

Idle Hands - Kill Your Idles: Pluot (Sour Ale)

Lamplighter/Aeronaut - To Infinity and Beyond IPA

Lamplighter - Dad Bod IPA

Lamplighter - Rascal Puff (Pale Ale)

And fresh re-ups on the Lamplighter standards!

Lone Pine - Fidlar DIPA

Mystic - Danger Danger DIPA

Mystic - Television IPA

Oxbow - Night Light (Dark Farmhouse)

Singlecut - Desert! (DDH DIPA)



New, Week of 06.14.2019


Aeronaut - 4 Years with Dr Nandu

FInback - Cats Are Forever DIPA

Finback - 5 Years

Foley Bros. - Fair Maiden

Foley Bros. - Skeleton Crew

Hermit Thrush - Windham Flora

Hoof Hearted - Everybody Wants Some Azacca

Modern TImes - Critical Band IPA

Modern Times - Fortunate Islands IPA

Modern Times - Orderville IPA

Sloop - Cashmere Bomb IPA

Sloop - Juice Bomb IPA

Sloop -Pixie Dust IPA

Sloop - Super Soft IPA

Stellwagen - Boys Don’t Cryo IPA

Stellwagen - Brian Gose Dancing (Raspberry)

Stellwagen - Whale Watcher