New, Week of 01.18.2019


Bellwoods - Barn Owl (Blended Wild Ale)

Bellwoods - Bring out Your Dead (Cognac Barrel Imperial Stout)

Idle Hands - Kill Your Idles

Idle Hands - Six Seam



New, Week of 01.11.19


Aeronaut - Double Hop Hop

Barreled Souls/ Finback - Hip Hops are F%*#king Dead TIPA

Beer’d - Hashtags of the Rich and Famous

Cigar City - White Oak Jai Alai

Finback - You Are Never Alone IPA

Foundation - Epiphany

Four Quarters - First Light IPA

Four Quarters - Ghosts in the Sky DIPA

Jackie O’s - Mandala Simcoe

J.W. Lees - Harvest Ale 2016 Lagavulin Barrel

Liquid Riot - All is Illusion DIPA

Maine - Woods and Waters

Maine - Zoe

Off Color - Cygnet (Jester King Collab. Foedre Aged with Koji Rice)

Proclamation - Broze (Oatmeal Milk Stout)

Proclamation - Derivative Galaxy

SoMe - Goldilox DIPA

Stellwagen - Cymbals

Stellwagen - Invisible Airwaves

Stellwagen - Modulation #6

Stone - Tropic of Thunder Lager

Victory - Hop Wallop



New, Week of 01.04.19


East Hollow - Hollow Bottom (Bourbon Bbl Aged)

Far from the Tree - Cord


Guado al Melo - Bacco in Toscano IGT

Marchesi Biscardo - Corvina di Verona


Backlash - Nailed It IPA

Barreled Souls - Celestial Person

Common Roots - Affinity Bound IPA

Common Roots - DDH Last Light IPA

Definitive Ale

Devil’s Purse - Stonehorse Citra

FInback - Red Shift (Cran Sour)

Fore River - Estuary

Foreign Objects - Saturn in Scorpio IPA

Four Quarters - Double Comet DIPA

Four Quarters - Spectra DIPA

Horus - Osprey’s Fresh Catch Season 5

Kent Falls - Super Sparkle iPA

Lost Abbey - Citrus Sin (Blood Orange Wild Ale)

Mayflower - Leather Bound Books (Baltic Porter)

Medusa - Albatross iPA

Night Shift - One Hop This Time: Mosaic

Night Shift - Morph 63

Proclamation - Derivative: Galaxy

Proclamation - Derivative: Vic Secret

Resilience - Hop Weave IPA

Resilience - Poneyhawk DIPA

Schilling - Dry- Hopped Erastus Tripel

Schilling - Virtue Table Beer

Singlecut - DDH Bon Bon 2xTNT

Singlecut - Full Stack

Toppling Goliath - Gamma Gamma Ray IPA



New, Week of 12.21.2018


Agriverde - Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Quenardel & Fils - Brut Champagne - Blanc de Blancs

Tullia Presecco - Treviso


Aeronaut - X-Ray Night Vision Black IPA

Barrier - Know Yourself

Barrier - Money IPA

Barrier - Shadows and Dust

Barrier - Suite IPA

Barrier/Otherhalf - Half and Half Coffee Imp Stout

Evill Twin/Westbrook - OFYMD (Pina Colada Imperial Stout)

Four Quarters - Fleur de Lis (Tart Saison)

Four Quarters - Space Face DIPA

Hermit Thrush - Supah Peach

Kees - Imperial Stout 1850

Idle Hands Check Raise Stout

Idle Hands - Four Seam IPA

LIC Beer Project - Coded Tiles Pale Ale

LIC Beer Project - Higher Burnin IPA

Maine Beer - Lunch

Oude Beersel - Bzart Lambiek Method Traditionelle

Off Color - Dino S’Mores (S’Mores Stout)

Omnipollo - Fatamorgana DIPA

Prairie - Christmas Bomb (SPiced Stout)

Singlecut - I’m an Aliigator

Stellwagen - Distant Wind Porter

Stellwagen - Fireworks Display IPA

Stellwagen - Folded Space (Imp Stout)

Stellwagen - More Umlaut pils

Stillwater - Faux Fur

Trve - Seven Doors Grisette

Untitled Art - Coconut MIlk Stout



New, Week of 12.14.2018


Barreled Souls - Currantly Blacked Out (Currant and Blackberry Sour)

Beer’d - Midnight Oil (Oatmeal Porter)

Common Roots - Shadow Figures Porter

Definitive - Ale IPA

Definitive - Insensitive IPA

Definitive - Sensitive Ear DDH Pale Ale

Dieu du Ciel - Hetetique (Oak Aged Brett Pale Ale)

Finback - Connect the Dots (Watermelon DIPA)

Finback Polyphonic DIPA

Finback - Rolling in Clouds IPA

Foley Bros. - Prospect

Jack’s Abby - Eis Maker (Barrel Aged Lagerwine)

Jack’s Abby - Framinghammer

Lamplighter - Kieran (Bourbon and Rye Aged Barleywine)

Lamplighter - Cloud City IPA

Lamplighter - Luminati (New Batch)

Lost Nation - The Wind

Maine Beer - Mean Old Tom

Oxbow - Farmhouse Pale Ale 4pks

Resilience - Comb Over

Schilling - Hanse Pilsner

Schlenkerla - Helles Marzen Cans)

Stone - Stone Enjoy by 01.01.19

To Ol - 1 Ton of… Christmas (Berliner w/Cherry, Currants, Prunes)

Trve - This Day Anything Goes (Wild Ale Made From Pumpkin Honey)

Trve - World’s Blood (Wild Golden Ale in Cans)

Weldworks - Air Pinky

Weldworks - Juicy Bits