New, Week of 02.16.2018


Dogfish Head - Burton Baton (Oak Aged Imperial IPA)

Dogfish Head - Oak Aged Bitches Brew

Exhibit A - Leitmotif Opus 7 (Blackberry, Guava, Pineapple

Exhibit A - SUnday Paper (Back)

Evil Twin - Kolata IPA (Lactose, Pineapple, Coconut)

Finback - Echelon (Yuzu DIPA)

Finback - Zero Point (Coconut Gose)

Firestone Walker - Leo v. Ursus: Wookus (Reboot of Wookie Jack)

Firestone Walker - Luponic Distortion 009

Firestone Walker - Nitro Merlin (Nitro Milk Stout)

Fore River - Preble (Raspberry Berliner)

Jack's Abby - Saxony Lager

Lamplighter - All Gold Everything (Dry-Hopped Pale Ale)

Lamplighter - Pressure Drop (Dry-Hopped Pale Ale)

Lamplighter - Rabbit Rabbit DIPA

Lamplighter - Stardust IPA

Prairie - Noir

Prairie - Pirate BOMB!

Prairie - Vanilla Noir

Singlecut - Jenny Said

Stone - Exalted IPA

Trois Mousquetaires - Ceci N'est Pas Une Gueuze (Blended Geuze Style Wild Ale)

Trophy - Cloud Surfer IPA

Trophy - El Hombre (Horchata Stout)

Trophy - Milky Way (Salted Caramel Stout)

Trophy - Trophy Wife (Session IPA)



New, Post EBF Arrivals 02.09.2018


Beer'd - Already Taken DIPA

Beer'd - Frank & Berry DIPA

Bolero Snort - Blood Orange Cream Pop IPA

Bolero Snort - Moosaic (Lactose IPA)

Burial - Ceremonial Session IPA

Burial - Griddle (Imperial Espresso Stout)

Burial - Hawkbill IPA

Burial - The Prayer (Belgian Blonde w/ Mango)

Burial - Skillet Donut (Molasses Coffee Stout)

Burial - Surf Wax IPA

Collective Arts - Life In the Clouds IPA

Finback - Cylindrical (Hefeweizen Style Ale w/ Motueka Hops)

Foreign Objects - In The Gold Dust Rush IPA

Foreign Objects - Mind Body Light Sound IPA

Foreign Objects - What We All Want IPA

Four Quarters - Little Umbrellas (Wild Ale, Toasted Coconut, Pineapple)

Half Acre - Navaja DIPA

Half Acre - Plane Wave IPA

Half Acre - Tuna (Mosaic Pale Ale)

Idle Hands - Adelais Pils

Idle Hands - Four Seam IPA

Lost Nation - The Wind (Dry-Hopped Grapefruit Gose)

Night Shift - Buzz (DIPA w/ Honey

Night Shift - Morph 58

Off Color - Coffee Dino Smores (Smores Imperial Stout w/ Coffee

Pipeworks - Cryo Citra DIPA

Singlecut - Billy Half Stack

Singlecut - The Punk with the Stutter

Stone - Inevitable Adventure DIPA

Transient - Cromulent IPA



New, Pre-EBF Week, 02.01.18


Allagash - Pastiche (Strong Amber Ale Aged in Six Different Barrels)

Banded Horn - Wheat 'n' Potatoes (Session IPA)

Barrier - Juice Chills IPA

Barrier - Money Mad Fat! IPA

Barrier - Tanto IPA

The Collective Brewing Project - American Sour Red

The Collective Brewing Project - Cup o' Beer (Gose with Ramen, Seaweed, Lime Zest, Lemongrass)

Finback - Split the Night (Coffee Porter)

Lamplighter - Birds of a Feather IPA

Lamplighter - So Much for Subtelty - Eldorado (DIPA)

Newburgh - Cream Ale

Newburgh - Giga Boss DIPA

Newburgh - Mega Boss IPA

Newburgh - Nano Boss Session IPA

Plan Bee - Tulsi Blue (Blueberry Basil Wild Ale)

Plan Bee - Zone 6 (Quince and Black Currant Wild Ale)

Relic - Six (6th Anniv Triple IPA)

Revolution - A Little Crazy (Hoppy Belgian Pale)

Sixpoint - Hi-Res Triple IPA

Solemn Oath - Call It What You Want NEIPA

Solemn Oath/Night Shift - Hosies (Hoppy Imperial Amber Lager)

Troegs - Nugget Nectar

Brewery Vivant - Hop Field (Farmhouse IPA)



New, Week of 01.26.2018


Aeronaut - Double Hop Hop

Aeronaut/Big Alice - World of Tomorrow (Black IPA)

Evil Twin - Ceci N'est Pas a NE Style IPA

Evil Twin - Even More JC's (Affogato style Imperial Stout)

Evil Twin - I Always Felt Closer to IPAs than I Did to People

Finback - Flossy DIPA

Finback/Aeronaut - Infinite Probability (Pomegranate IPA)

Foundation - Bedrock Porter

Foundation - Prototype 5 IPA

Hermit Thrush - Po Tweet (Dry-Hopped Sour)

Hermit Thrush - Party Guy (Session Sour)

Honest Weight - A Pattern Language (Lacto & Brett Sour Aged on Plums)

Idle Hands - Kill Your Idles: Tropical (Sour Ale with Mango, Passionfruit, Guava)

Lost Nation - Mosaic IPA

Mystic - Danger! Danger! (DIPA)

Omnipollo - Nebuchadnezzar DIPA (Back)

Singlecut - Rye Barrel Aged Heavy Boots of Lead w/ Honey

Stillwater - Gnam Gnam DIPA (w/ Mango, Lemongrass, Chilis)

To Ol - 1 Ton of... Blackcurrant (Fruited Sour)

To Ol - D's Nuts (Hazelnut Imperial Stout)



New, Week of 01.19.18


Backlash - The Great Molasses Disaster

Collective Arts - Basil Cranberry Gose

Collective Arts - Life in the Clouds (NEIPA)

Collective Arts - Imperial Porter

Collective Arts - Mash Up the Jam (Dry-Hopped Sour)

Commonwealth - Big Papi DIPA

Commonwealth - Papi Chulo IPA

Evil Twin - Coffenade (Lemonade Coffee IPA (?))

Exhibit A - We're going to Need You to Come in on Saturday (Scotch Ale)

Grimm - Galaxy Pop! (Lactose Sour w/ Galaxy Hops)

Kent Falls - Gratitude (Dry-Hopped Lager)

Lagunitas - Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale (Strong Ale)

Left Hand - Hardwired Nitro (Nitro Coffee Porter)

Singlecut - Is This the Real Life?

SoMe - Apostrophe IPA

Two Roads - Two Juicy