Pumpkin beer, HA! Get it?

Pumpkin beer, HA! Get it?

A new blog post?!

I know this is a very neglected portion of the website, but I was having some pertinent thoughts, so I'd thought I'd share in blog format, because that's what attentive peddlers of potent potables do.

Seasonal creep, it's well worn territory in the craft beer world, but if you're not familiar, seasonal creep is a term used to describe the phenomenon by which seasonal beer (and other seasonal specialties) are reintroduced earlier and earlier in the year, until you see them popping up on shelves months before they become relevant to your drinking habits. This happens as breweries et al. try to capture those early sales ahead of their competitors, and hence, release beers earlier and earlier in the season. Seasonal creep is never more acutely felt than at the time of year when fall beers begin to replace summer beer on the shelves.

So in the spirit, Crafted will not be putting beers of autumnal leanings on the shelf or in the cooler until September 1st. We're not not breaking new ground in doing this, we've seen others take the same route with their seasonals and heartily agree with the sentiment. Please don't get us wrong, we're not looking down at pumpkin beer. We like pumpkin beers and Oktoberfests just as much as you do, in fact we'd count Oktoberfests/Marzens among our favorite beer styles... just not after we mow the lawn in August.

This being said, if you find yourself with craving for something brewed with squash and allspice, or a tasty brown lager, just let us know, we've already collected a bunch in the back, so just ask! We're here to sell you the beer you want after all.


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