Aeronaut - A Year with Dr. Nadu IPA (Plenty of it this time!)

Allagash - Sixteen Counties (Belgian Pale Ale)

Almanac - Apricot de Brettaville (Apricot

Banded Horn - Wicked Bueno (Mexican Style Light Lager)

Grimm - Psychokinesis (Dry-hopped Sour)

Hidden Cove - Patroon IPA (Back!)

Ipswich - Blueberry Shandy

Lindeman's - Cuvee Rene Kriek

Lindeman's - Peche

Maine Beer - Another One

Mystic - Mary of the Gael

Omnipollo - Abrahadabra (IPA with Strawberry, Vanilla, Lactose, you've gotta try this)

Proclamation - Galaxy Dry-hopped Derivative

Singlecut - Does Anyone Remember Laughter?

Stillwater/Casita Cerveceria - On Fleek (Imperial Stout)

Stillwater - Superhop (IPA)