14th Star - Tribute

Aeronaut - Robot Crush (Pils)

Almanac - Bourbon Peche

Backlash - Bad Decision Juice (Session IPA)

Backlash - Financial District IPA

Collective Arts - Hazy IPA

Collective Arts - IPA No. 4

DC Brau - The Corruption IPA

Foundation - Afterglow

Greater Good - Pulp (Back in after a bit!)

Grimm - Super Spruce (Sprucey Gose)

Gun HIll - Void of Light (Export Stout)

HaandBrygerriet - Aquavit Barrel Aged Porter

Heretic - Make America Juicy Again (Back!)

Maine Beer - Lunch

Mystic - DDH Saturation

Mystic - Three Cranes (Cranberry Saison)

Off Color - Wari (Chicha Inspired Beer)

Omnipollo - Noa Pecan Mudcake

Sierra Nevada - Fresh Hop 12pk

Stillwater - Insetto (Plum Gose)

To Ol - Tropic Rumble (IPA w/ Tropical Fruits)