Allagash - Coolship Resurgam

Allagash - Pictavia (Scotch Bbl Aged Scotch Ale

Anchor Christmas Ale (6pks and Magnums)

Barrier - Green Room (Dry-Hopped Pale)

Barrier - It’s a Sweater IPA

Beerd - Dogs and Boats

Beerd - Frank and Berry

De Ranke - Pere Noel

del Ducato - Krampus Reserva Strepponi 2010/2011 (Spiced Belgian Style Dark Aged in Wine Barrels, Vintage 2011)

Evil Twin - I Always Felt Closer To IPAs Than I Did to People

Finback - Rolling in Clouds

Finback - Two Regimes

Firestone Walker - Dark and Stormy (Blended BA Ale with Ginger/Lime)

Four Quarters - Equations of Time DIPA

Four Quarters - Flood of Sunshine (Fruited Wheat Beer)

Four Quarters - Sun Puppy Session IPA

Half Acre - Daisy Cutter Pale Ale

Half Acre - Deep Space DIPA

Half Acre - Gone Away IPA

Half Acre - Wand IPA

Liquid Riot - A Beer Has No Name

Liquid Riot - All is Illusion DIPA

Night Shift - Dynasty Imperial Stout

Night Shift - Pfafenheck Pils

Sam Smith - Winter Welcome

St Georgenbrau - Buttenheimer Kellerbier

Troegs - Mad Elf

Troegs - Wild Elf (Sour, Wine barrel aged version of Mad Elf)