Aeronaut - 3yrs W/ Dr. Nandu

Aeronaut - Imperial Intergalaxyc Cirrocumulus

Collective Arts/Stillwater - Boyoboy (Boysenberry Sour)

Decadent - Double Toasted Marshmallow DIPA

Evil Twin - That Stout You Like Is Going To Come Back In Style

Evil Twin - Imperial Biscotti Chili Hazelnut Break

Finback Fly On DIPA

Finback - MOSS DIPA

Foundation - Epiphany

Hermit Thrush - Groseille (Red Currant Wild Ale)

Honest Weight - Roman Mars (Brett Ale Aged in Oak)

Idle Hands - First Pitch (Belgian IPA)

Idle Hands - Four Seam IPA

Idle Hands - Galaxy Four Seam IPA

Lamplighter - Lawyers, Guns and Honey IPA

Lamplighter Rabbit Rabbit

Maine Beer - Woods and Waters

Omnipollo - Alazar (White Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Blondie Stout)

Southern Tier - A Wrinkle in the Fabric DIPA

Springdale - Brigadeiro