Common Roots - Tasteful Deception (Wild Ale)

Common Roots/Kent Falls - Strictly Social (Pale Ale)

Hermit Thrush - Po Tweet (Dry-Hopped Sour)

Horus - Osprey's Fresh Catch Season 2 IPA

Finback - Something Mosaic IPA

Fore River - John Henry Milk Stout

Four Quarters - Ghosts in the Sky DIPA

Four Quarters - Haze IPA

Idle Hands - Edgeworth American Pils

Lamplighter - Alyosha (Belgian Pale)

Lamplighter - Luminati IPA (New Rotating Series)

Lamplighter - Giants Under the Sun Helles

Lamplighter - Rabbit Rabbit DIPA

Lamplighter/Aeronaut - To the Moon IPA

Mystic - Wave Break (Extra Hopped Table Beer

Relic - Harpy's Hex IPA

Relic - Silent Shroud IPA

Singlecut - Conform or be Cast Out (DDH IPA with Szechuan and Pink Peppercorn)