Banded/Novare Res - Champagne Papi Blanc (Brut IPA w/ Pinot Gris

Banded/Navare Res - Champagne Papi Rouge (Brut IPA w/ Syrah)

Bolero Snort - Amoorillo (Lactose IPA w/ Amarillo)

Bolero Snort - One Hoof at a Time IPA

Bunker - Beast Coast IPA

Finback - Chillbot DIPA

Finback - Origin DIPA

Foreign Objects - Future Sight (Session IPA)

Foreign Objects - Precision Neurosis DIPA

Hermit Thrush - Supah Funk 8 (BA Saison)

Idle Hands - Four Seam IPA

Kent Falls - Senescence (Wild Ale w/ Chardonnay and Birch Leaves)

Maine - Mean Old Tom (Stout Aged on Vanilla Beans)

Maine - Post Ride Snack (Session IPA)

Mast Landing/Night Shift - It's Too Damn Hot For a Penguin to be Walking Around Here

Newburgh/Sloop - Juice Boss IPA

Night Shift - Prism IPA

Omnipollo - Zodiac Multiverse DIPA

SoMe -Apostrophe IPA

Trve - Dhumavati (Smoked Wild Ale)

Winter Hill - Hourglass DIPA

Winter Hill - Mosaica IPA