Chateau Pegau - Cotes du Rhone “Maclura”


Shacksbury - Vermonter (Gin Barrel Cider w/ Honey)


Allagash - Darling Ruby (Farmhouse w/ Grapefruit Zest)

Barreled Souls - Continuum DIPA

Burlington - Bee Keeper DIAP

Burlington - Uncanny Valley IPA

Cold Harbor - Feather Edge IPA

Finback - Fancy People (Hopped Fruited Blond)

Finback - Oscillation 16

Finback - Weekend Getaway IPA (Civil Society Collab)

Firestone Walker - Bretta Tangerine (Wood Aged Tnagerine Brett beer)

Hubbards Cave - IIPA v28

Hubbards Cave - IIPA v29

Idle Hands - Edgeworth Pils

idle Hands - Splitter

Lagunitas - The Waldos’ Special Ale

Night Shift - Darkling 2019 (Imp Stout in Bourbon and Apple Brandy)

Night Shift - Lime Lite (Light Lager with Lime)

Oxbow - Farmhouse Pale

oxbow - Luppolo Pils

Proclamation - Same Beer Different Label DIPA

Proclamation - Sub Refuge IPA

Proclamation - Trope (Sour Fruited DIPA)

Rising Tide - Maine Island Trail Ale

Schlenkerla - Urbock

SInglecut - This is Tomorrow

Vanished Valley - Eleven Under Pale Ale