Barreled Souls - Continuum DIPA

Blackberry Farm - Classic (Now in Cans)

Burlington - Future Glow

Burlington - Uncanny Valley IPA

Definitive - 35 Ale (3.5% Hoppy Ale)

Definitive - Distant Gardens DIPA

Definitive - Insensitive IPA (Rotating)

Finback - Cool de la IPA

Finback - Multicolor DIPA

Foundation - Coffee Burnside (Coffee brown)

Foundation - Dreamboat IPA

Foundation - Epiphany DIPA

Idle Hands/Dssolvr - Blanche deSsolvr (Sour White DIPA)

Idle Hands - Four Seam

Jack’s Abby - Maibock Hurts Like Helles

Lawson’s Finest - Sip of Sunshine

Lawson’s Finest - Super Session #8

Lawson’s Finest - The Space In Between

Medusa - Bad Wicked World DIPA

Proclamation - Amphibian Days (Hoppy Wheat)

Proclamation - Derivative Galaxy

Proclamation - Oooh Strawberries (Strawberry Kettle Sour)

Proclamation - Tiny Brite Tanks DIPA

Singlecut - When Time Just Slips