West County - Peckville Road


Allagash - Pick Your Own (Many Fruited Wild Ale)

Barrier - Kickin’ Knowledge (Pineapple Milkshake IPA)

Battery Steele - Onsight #7 (IPA)

Burlington - Stainless Forest DIPA

Brewmaster Jack - DDH Little Brother DIPA

The Bruery - Coconut Macaroon

Commonwealth - Pavlova (Sour DIPA)

Finback - Moire (Sour IPA)

Finback - Premium IPA

Firestone Walker - Parabola

Foreign Objercts - Green Galaxy IPA

Foreign Objects - Mystic Flowers of Perpetual Slumber DIPA

Four Phantoms - Thaw IPA

Grimm - Midnight Morning (Imp Stout, Coffee, Pecans, Maple, Vanilla)

Idle Hands - Slate

Lamplighter - Lady Marmalade (Apricot IPA)

Lamplighter/Backlash - Unlucky Wizard IPA

Lamplighter - You Won’t (IPA)

Wandering Soul - Things We Don’t Say DIPA

Weld Werks - Juicy Bits IPA

Wormtown - Hopulence DIPA